January 14, 2021

Basic Framework

In line with the 1972 Japan-China Joint Communique, Japan-Taiwan Relations has been maintained as working relations on a non-governmental basis.

Economic Relations

1. Trade with Taiwan (2019, Ministry of finance,Taiwan)

(1) Trade Figures

  • Exports: $ 44.0 billion
  • Imports: $ 23.3 billion

(2) Major Items

  • Exports: electric equipment, machinery, metal products, telecommunication equipment, chemical products
  • Imports: machinery, electric equipment, chemical products, metal products, plastic and rubber product

(3) Direct Investment from Japan (2019, Investment Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs,Taiwan)

$ 1.27 billion

Number of Visitors (2019)

  1. From Japan to Taiwan: approximately 2.17 million(Tourism Bureau, Taiwan)
  2. From Taiwan to Japan: approximately 4.89 million(JNTO)

Number of Japanese nationals residing in Taiwan

24,280 (as of the October 2018)

Private Organizations related to Japan-Taiwan Relations (reception organizations)

  1. Japan: Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association (Tokyo Headquarters, Taipei Office, Kaohsiung Office)
  2. Taiwan: Taiwan-Japan Relations Association (Taipei Headquarters, Tokyo Office, Osaka Office, Yokohama Branch, Fukuoka Branch, Naha Branch, Sapporo Branch)
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