Joint Statement on Enhanced Donor Cooperation for
"Okinawa Partnership for a more robust and prosperous Pacific Region"
by Australia, Japan and New Zealand

27 May 2006

Bearing in mind the Leaders' Declaration "Okinawa Partnership for a more robust and prosperous Pacific Region" which sets forth a new framework of partnership between Japan and the members of the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF), the Governments of Australia, Japan and New Zealand (hereinafter referred to as "the three Governments") have made the following joint statement:

  1. Acknowledging that a more robust and prosperous Pacific region is in the interest of all, the three Governments noted the determination by the Pacific island countries to make individual and collective efforts and undertake necessary reforms to support the implementation of the Pacific Plan adopted at the Forum Leaders' meeting in Papua New Guinea in October 2005. The three Governments recognised that ownership of the implementation of the Pacific Plan by Pacific island countries will be a key determinant of its success.
  2. The three Governments reconfirmed their commitment to support the Pacific island countries in their pursuit of the goals and objectives of the Pacific Plan.
  3. The three Governments, therefore, decided to strengthen policy dialogue on development issues in the Pacific region among the senior officials of the aid agencies. Such dialogue is intended to facilitate the exchange of views on aid policies and to support practical cooperation between the three governments to increase aid effectiveness and the coordination of development assistance in the Pacific region.
    The three Governments also recognise that strengthened policy dialogue with other donor countries is desirable in order to better assist the efforts made by Pacific island countries.
  4. Recalling that, in the Leaders' Declaration Japan and the PIF Members have called on the international community to enhance their partnership with the Pacific Region, the three Governments saw value in making full use of existing donor / partner consultation mechanisms in the region, to promote donor harmonisation, and to assist in capacity building in support of Pacific island countries' efforts to achieve their development objectives.
  5. The three Governments also affirmed their support for donor assistance which reduces poverty, promotes the prosperity of partner countries and the well-being of their people and is accountable and transparent in its delivery.

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