Japan-PIF Summit Meeting

1. Upcoming Japan-PIF (Pacific Islands Forum) Summit Meeting

(1) The Fourth Japan-PIF Summit Meeting (PALM 2006) will be held on May 26 and 27 in Okinawa.

(2) The concrete agenda will be decided later through the consultations between Japan and the PIF. The agenda for the forthcoming Summit Meeting will take into account the progress of the "Okinawa Initiative" and the Pacific Plan (Note 2), and to be decided after having specified concrete priority issues to be tackled in achieving peace and prosperity in the Pacific region.

2. Background and Purpose of the Japan-PIF Summit Meeting

(1) In October 1997, the then Prime Minister Mr. Ryutaro Hashimoto invited all leaders of the PIF members and hosted the Japan-SPF (South Pacific Forum, renamed PIF (Note 1) in November 2000) Summit Meeting to strengthen the relationship between Japan and the SPF members and cooperate toward the development of the Pacific region. So far, the Summit Meetings were held three times; the first meeting was held in Tokyo in 1997, the second meeting was held in April 2000 (in Miyazaki, hosted by then Prime Minister Mr. Yoshiro Mori) and the third in May 2003 (in Okinawa, hosted by Prime Minister Mr. Junichiro Koizumi).

(2) Japan's initiative has been very well received by PIF members as contributing to the sustainable development of the Pacific region. PIF members expressed their appreciation of and expectation for Japan's continued efforts.

3. The Achievements of the Previous (Third) Japan-PIF Summit Meeting (PALM 2003) in Okinawa

The "Okinawa Initiative" was adopted as an outcome of PALM 2003. The Initiative was formulated on the basis of Japan's partnership and PIF members' ownership, and included the Joint Action Plan, which aimed for a concerted regional effort to tackle common challenges in the Pacific.

Note 1. PIF: Pacific Islands Forum

(1) PIF is a regional organization consisting of 14 countries and two areas in the Pacific region. Besides participating annual post-Forum dialogue with Forum member countries, Japan invites the head of government of the PIF chair country to Japan as Guest of the Foreign Minister, thus demonstrating the importance placed by Japan on its relations with PIF. Most recently, Sir R. Namaliu, on behalf of the Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration of Papua New Guinea, visited Japan in February 2006.

(2) Member countries (14) and areas (2)
14 countries: Australia, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, New Zealand, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu
2 areas: Cook Islands, Niue

(3) The Pacific Islands Forum was established in 1971 as the South Pacific Forum (SPF), and renamed as the Pacific Islands Forum at the PIF plenary meeting in October 2000.

Note 2. "Okinawa Initiative" and the Pacific Plan

Okinawa Initiative: Development strategy document adopted at PALM 2003, focusing on five major areas (Security, Environment, Education, Better Health, and Economic Growth).

Pacific Plan: Adopted at the PIF plenary meeting in October 2005. This Plan, formulated on the basis of the "Okinawa Initiative," outlines the framework of self-help efforts and the regional cooperation in tackling four challenges within the region (Economic Growth, Sustainable Development, Good Governance, and Security).

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