Areas Covered by Agreement Between Japan and the Republic of Singapore for a New-Age Economic Partnership (JSEPA)

Liberalization and Facilitation

Trade in Goods
Tariff elimination for goods, introduction of bilateral safeguard measures, etc.

Rules of Origin (ROO)
Preventing circumvention of goods from third countries, etc.

Customs Procedures
Co-operation through information exchange for simplifying customs procedures, harmonizing with international standards, etc.

Paperless Trading
Co-operation to promote electronic filing and transfer of trade-related documents

Mutual Recognition
Providing a framework which enables certain procedures required in the importing country to be undertaken in the exporting country.

Trade in Services
Realization of the liberalization for more wide range of the service sectors than ones of General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), and expansion of scope of the beneficiaries of the Agreement, etc.

Ensurance of the national treatment for investments in principle, prohibit measures designed to inhibit investment, protect investors and investments, and establish dispute settlement procedures between a Party and an investor of the other Party, etc.

Movement of Natural Persons
Facilitation of the movement of natural persons between the two countries for business purposes and mutual recognition of professional qualifications.

Intellectual Property (IP)
Facilitation of patenting process in Singapore, promotion of bilateral information exchange, etc.

Government Procurement
Lowering the threshold values above which government procurement would be subject to the WTO Government Procurement discipline for goods and services (except construction services).

Co-operation between competition authorities will be conducted in order to control anti-competitive activities, etc.

Enhancing Economic Cooperation

Financial Services
Promotion of regulatory co-operation through sharing information etc. between the two countries, facilitate the development of financial markets, including capital markets in both countries and in Asia, improve financial market infrastructure, etc.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Dissemination of ICT, creating favorable environment for promoting electronic commerce, co-operation on skill standards, protection of private information, co-operation towards bridging the digital divide, facilitation of the procedure for accreditation/recognition of Certification Authorities, etc.

Science and Technology
Promotion of co-operation in development and research in the field of life sciences, environment and advanced technology, etc.

Human Resource Development
Promoting exchange of students and scholars, and exchange of government officials, etc. (c.f. Reference to the Joint Announcement on joint technical assistance for third-country human resource development)

Trade and Investment Promotion
Joint activities and information exchange to promote trade and investment activities by private enterprises of both countries, etc.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Co-operation in promoting SME's activities and facilitation of co-operation between SMEs of both countries.

Promotion of co-operation in the broadcasting sector, through information exchange and sharing among the relevant authorities, etc.

Information exchange concerning tourism promotion, etc. (c.f. The twinning of streets between Ginza and Orchard Road is mentioned in the Joint Statement)

Development and Enhancement
In addition to the establishment of a Joint Committee in most of the sectors, a Surpevisory Committee will be established to review the implementation and discuss the development of the Agreement as a whole. arrow The economic partnership between the Parties will be developed and enhanced with holding dialogues between the agreement, academia and business communities.
(Measures for the establishment of self development have been built into the Agreement).

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