Recommendations for future Japan-SAARC Cooperation
adopted at the International Conference on
"Japan-SAARC Cooperation" held on July 31, 2006

  1. To engage/provide/facilitate in mitigating disasters both in terms of disaster preparedness and disaster management and environmental protection in SAARC region through technical assistance, capacity building programs and projects-development where Japanese have expertise and can contribute in substantial way for human security.
  2. To increase greater 'connectivity' in the region through expansion of infrastructure facilities for goods and services and fostering communications across border among business, academics, civil society groups, and media.
  3. To strengthen capacity building in the institutions of SAARC countries for offering courses, training facilities, organization of workshops, conferences and building networks of support in media, academics and civil society for advocacy and awareness of Japan-SAARC Cooperation.
  4. To establish a Forum, comprising experts of SAARC states and Japan as a flexible organization that will meet at least once a year to reflect and deliberate on issues in different SAARC capitals, and to transmit their inputs in critical areas of cooperation.

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