Japan-Nauru Relations

July 16, 2020

Basic Data

Diplomatic Relations:

  • Established in 1968

Japanese Nationals:

  • Number of Japanese nationals residing in the Republic of Nauru: 0 (2018)

Trade with Japan (2019):

  • Japan's Exports to Nauru: 280 million yen
  • Japan's Imports from Nauru: 270 million yen

Japan's Economic Cooperation:

  • List of Exchange of Notes
  • Grants: 0 million yen
  • Cumulative total as of 2017: 2,010 million yen
  • Technical cooperation: 15 million yen
  • Cumulative total as of2017: 270 million yen

VIP Visits

From Japan to Nauru
Year Name
2001 Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Toshio Kojima
2018 Jan. Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Iwao Horii (Nauru's 50th anniversary)
2018 Sep. Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Iwao Horii (Pacific Islands Forum)
From Nauru to Japan
Year Name
1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1987, 1989 President, Mr. Hammer DeRoburt
1990, 1992, 1994 President, Mr. Bernard Dowlyogo
1997 President, Mr. Kinza Clodumar (ADB Meeting)
2000 President, Mr. Kinza Clodumar (2nd Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting)
2005 President, Mr. Ludwig Scotty
2006 President, Mr. Ludwig Scotty (4th Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting)
2007 President, Mr. Ludwig Scotty (1st Asia-Pacific Water Forum)
2009 President, Mr. Marcus Stephen (5th Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting)
2010 Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Dr. Kieren Keke (PALM Ministerial Interim Meeting)
2012 President, Mr. Sprent Dabwido (6th Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting)
2013 Hon. Milton Ross Dube, Member of Parliament (PALM 2nd Ministerial Interim Meeting)
2015 Hon. Aaron Cook Minister for Commerce, Industry and Environment, Minister for Republic of Nauru Rehabilitation Corporation (The 3rd World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction)
President, Mr. Waqa (7th Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting)
2015 Hon. Cyril Buraman, Member of Parliament (Pacific Islands Countries Tourism Ministers Meeting)
2017 President, Mr. Waqa (PALM 3rd Ministerial Interim Meeting)
2018 President, Mr. Waqa (8th Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting)
2019 President, Mr. Aingimea (Ceremonies of the Accession to the Throne)
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