List of Candidate Projects
For the Cambodia-Lao PDR-Viet Nam Development Triangle

January 2008

Country No. Project Name Project Cost (USD)
Cambodia 1 Construction of Laterite Road and Bridges from Stung Treng Town to Sopheakmit of Preah Romkel Commune $985,000.00
2 Feasibility Study and Construction of O Ka Chanh Micro-Hydropower Development Project. Installed Capacity 100 KW, Ratanak Kiri Province $1,000,000.00
3 The Laterite Road Construction Project from Ban Lung Town to three Districts of Lum Path District with distance of 19 Km and 6 m wide, in which the feasibility study has been conducted by the Office of Rural Development of Ratanak Kiri Province $475,000.00
4 Clean water supply Project in Ratanakiri Town $1,150,000.00
5 Dormitory for teachers training (in Service Training) in Ratanak Kiri Province $358,000.00
6 Pro-poor Community Based Tourism Development $750,000.00
7 Environmental Education Network in Triangle Development Zone $330,000.00
8 Clean Water Supply Project in Sen Monorom Town of Mondul Kiri Province $992,000.00
9 In-Situ Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources for Development Value in the Northeast Provinces of Cambodia $860,000.00
10 Upgrade Incomplete School in 3 Provinces of Triangle Area (5 Schools per province) $600,000.00
10 Projects $7,500,000.00
Lao PDR 1 Road # 1H Improvement, from That Teng District of Sekong Province connecting to Saravane Province, 20 Km, with DBST Road surface 12 m width $4,000,000.00
2 Construction of Bridge cross the Sekong River of Attapeu Province $2,600,000.00
3 Agriculture Development Projects in Phoungvong District, Attapeu Province and Saravane District of Saravane Province $300,000.00
4 Primary School and Construction 07 Units in Saravan, Sekong and Attapeu Provinces $300,000.00
5 Construction of District Hospitals in Samuay and Lakhonepheng, Saravan Province $300,000.00
5 Projects $7,500,000.00
Viet Nam 1 To Build a Boarding Upper Secondary School for Ethnic Minorities, of Which Basic Education is Combined with Vocational Training in Tu Mo Rong District, Kon Tum Province $900,000.00
2 To Improve Infrastructure and Supply of Basic Medical Facilities for a Grass Root Health Care Center in Sa Thay town, Sa Thay District, Kon Tum Province $843,000.00
3 To Construct a Hospital in Tu Mo Rong District, Kon Tum Province $800,000.00
4 To Build Small- Scaled Irrigation Stations to Supply Water for Agriculture Production and Living of Local People $375,000.00
5 Poverty Reduction for Ethnic Minority People in Dak Glei District, Kon Tum Province through Implementation of Capacity Building, Rural Economic Development and Infrastructure Development $350,000.00
6 The Clean Water System of Dak Ha Commune, Tumorong district, Kon Tum Province $150,000.00
7 Clean Water Supply in Six Villages of Dak To Re Commune, Kon Ray District, Kon Tum Province $110,000.00
7 Projects $3,528,000.00
Cambodia, Lao PDR and Viet Nam 1 The Feasibility Study of the Road Improvement on the Cambodia - Laos - Vietnam (CLV) Development Triangle $1,500,000.00
1 Project $1,500,000.00
Grand total $20,028,000.00


  1. This list shows projects requested by the Governments of Cambodia, Lao PDR and Viet Nam. Each project in the list will be implemented as soon as its feasibility is confirmed by the recipient country and Japan.
  2. The costs in the list are based on the estimation by the Governments of Cambodia, Lao PDR and/or Viet Nam, and are subject to change.

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