G8 Foreign Ministers' Statement on India and Pakistan

December 28, 2001

 We, the Foreign Ministers of the G8 Countries, express our deep concern about the tension between India and Pakistan resulting from the December 13 attack against the Indian Parliament building.

 It is our firm belief that there can be no justification of terrorism. We strongly condemn terrorism in all its forms, including the attack on the Indian Parliament building. We note that the Pakistani authorities have condemned the attack and welcome the action they have announced so far against terrorist groups operating from Pakistani territory. We urge Pakistan to take further action against such groups, to arrest, to bring to justice and severely punish their leaders and to curtail their financing. We also welcome the statements by the Indian Prime Minister to the effect that a solution to the present problem is being sought through diplomatic channels and we encourage this approach.

 The events of December 13 must not result in a deterioration of relations between India and Pakistan. We express our hope that both countries will avoid escalation, resume political dialogue in the spirit of the Lahore declaration and unite their efforts in combating the global terrorist threat.

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