Joint Declaration
between the Leaders of Japan and the Republic of India
on the Conclusion of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement
between Japan and the Republic of India

October 25, 2010

  1. We, the Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Naoto Kan, and the Prime Minister of the Republic of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh, held a meeting in Tokyo on 25 October 2010, and discussed the importance of a close and broad economic partnership between Japan and India.
  2. Having confirmed the progress made thus far in our work, we now declare the successful conclusion of negotiations for the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between Japan and the Republic of India (hereinafter referred to as the Japan-India CEPA). We expressed our intention that the Japan-India CEPA will be signed at the earliest at Ministerial level, on completion of necessary formalities by both sides. We noted with satisfaction that Japan and India have succeeded in rendering the Japan-India CEPA truly comprehensive, as indicated by its name, by including fields that range from Trade in goods, Investment, Trade in Services, and Movement of Natural Persons to Intellectual Property, Competition, Improvement of the Business Environment, Bilateral Cooperation and so forth. We also expressed our determination to put the Japan-India CEPA into effect soon after its signing and the completion of necessary procedures in each country.
  3. The Japan-India CEPA will elevate the Strategic and Global Partnership between Japan and India to a new level. The Japan-India CEPA will develop areas of potential mutual complementarity, further strengthen the bilateral economic relationship, and promote economic development by increasing the cross-border flows of goods, persons, investment and services. It will also strengthen the foundation for the economic development of Japan and India through closer cooperation between the two countries in various fields. We hope that through the Japan-India CEPA's implementation, Japan and India will be able to make maximum use of respective competitive advantages to promote the development of both economies. This will bring about increased prosperity and stability to the peoples of both countries, and thus, contribute to the peace and prosperity of the Asian region and the international community.
  4. The Japan-India CEPA is also expected to foster new business opportunities, enhance competitiveness of the private sectors of both countries, and encourage closer partnership between those private sectors, from SMEs to infrastructure-related enterprises. We affirm the intention of the two Governments to support private sector efforts to fully utilize their potential.
  5. We, representing the Governments and peoples of both Japan and the Republic of India, in order to upgrade our Strategic and Global Partnership to a higher level for the mutual benefit of our citizens, and to lay a solid foundation for the peace, stability and prosperity of the two countries, the Asian region and the international community, hereby sign this document, affirming our firm determination to continue working for the further expansion and strengthening of the economic partnership between Japan and India.

Done at Tokyo on 25 October, 2010

  • Mr. Naoto Kan
    Prime Minister of Japan
  • Dr. Manmohan Singh
    Prime Minister
    of the Republic of India

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