(Comments by Prime Minister Koizumi)

1 January, 2005

  1. Faced with the unprecedented disaster that struck Asian countries, I have decided to attend the Special ASEAN Leaders' Meeting on the Aftermath of the Earthquake and Tsunami on 6 January in Indonesia to express Japan's determination to extend the maximum possible assistance commensurate with its responsibilities as a fellow Asian partner, to demonstrate our solidarity, and to discuss concrete action.
  2. Japan will provide assistance to the maximum extent possible in three ways: financial resources, knowledge and expertise, and human resources.

    (1) For the time being, Japan will extend to affected countries and international organizations concerned up to $500 million of grant money as emergency assistance to cope with the damage.

    (2) Japan will promote cooperation with countries and international organizations concerned for the expeditious establishment of a Tsunami early-warning mechanism for countries surrounding the Indian Ocean, utilizing Japan's expertise and technology. Japan will propose that a special session on this subject be convened at the United Nations World Conference on Disaster Reduction to be held from 18 to 22 January in Kobe, Japan.

    (3) With respect to contributions of human resources, Japan has already dispatched Japan Disaster Relief Teams to various affected areas, and Japan will make further contributions by utilizing fire department helicopters and personnel. Japan will also consider, as early as possible, additional contributions by mobilizing Japan Self Defence Forces aircraft, vessels and personnel.

  3. Noting the serious damage to social infrastructure in disaster-stricken countries, Japan, in cooperation with other countries and international organizations, will extend its maximum assistance possible for rehabilitation and reconstruction, based on the situations in these countries.

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