Japan-China Relations

February 24, 2022

Basic Data

Diplomatic Relations:

Established in September 29, 1972

Bilateral Relations:

There are various concerns between Japan and China, as they are neighboring countries. At the same time, the relationship with China is one of Japan’s most important bilateral relationships, and the two countries have close economic relations, as well as people-to-people and cultural exchanges. Japan-China relations are becoming more and more important not only for the two countries, but for the peace and prosperity of the region and the international community.
While firmly maintaining and asserting our position, we will continue having dialogues and cooperate on matters of common interest with China and aim to build a "constructive and stable relationship."

Number of Japanese Residents in China:

107,715 (October 2021 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Statistics)

Number of Chinese Residents in Japan:

745,411 (June 2021 Ministry of Justice Statistics)

Trade with China (2021):

  • Exports to China:$206.2billion
  • Imports from China:$165.9billion

Direct Investment (2020):

  • Direct Investment from China to Japan: $0.5billion (inflow, in 2020).
  • Direct Investment from Japan to China: $3.4billion (inflow, in 2020).

VIP Visits

From Japan to China
Year Name
September 1972 Prime Minister Tanaka
December 1979 Prime Minister Ohira
September 1982 Prime Minister Suzuki
March 1984 Prime Minister Nakasone
November 1986 Prime Minister Nakasone
August 1988 Prime Minister Takeshita
August 1991 Prime Minister Kaifu
October 1992 Their Majesties The Emperor and Empress of Japan
March 1994 Prime Minister Hosokawa
May 1995 Prime Minister Murayama
September 1997 Prime Minister Hashimoto
July 1999 Prime Minister Obuchi
October 2001 Prime Minister Koizumi
April 2002 Prime Minister Koizumi
October 2006 Prime Minister Abe
December 2007 Prime Minister Fukuda
August 2008 Prime Minister Fukuda
October 2008 Prime Minister Aso
April 2009 Prime Minister Aso
October 2009 Prime Minister Hatoyama
December 2011 Prime Minister Noda
November 2014 Prime Minister Abe
September 2016 Prime Minister Abe
October 2018 Prime Minister Abe
December 2019 Prime Minister Abe
From China to Japan
Year Name
October 1978 Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping (Official Guest)
February1979 Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping
May 1980 Premier Hua Guofeng (Chairman of the Party) (State Guest)
July 1980 Premier Hua Guofeng
May - June 1982 Premier Zhao Ziyang (Official Guest)
November 1983 Hu Yaobang, General Secretary of the Party (Official Guest)
April 1989 Premier Li Peng (Official Guest)
April 1992 Jiang Zemin, General Secretary of the Party (Official Guest)
October 1994 Vice President Rong Yiren
November 1995 Jiang Zemin, General Secretary of the Party
November 1997 Premier Li Peng (Official Guest)
April 1998 Vice President Hu Jintao
November 1998 President Jiang Zemin (State Guest)
October 2000 Premier Premier Zhu Rongji (Official Guest)
April 2007 Premier Wen Jiabao (Official Guest)
May 2008 President Hu Jintao (State Guest)
July 2008 President Hu Jintao
December 2008 Premier Wen Jiabao
December 2009 Vice President Xi Jinping (Official Working Visit)
May 2010 Premier Wen Jiabao (Official Visit)
November 2010 President Hu Jintao
May 2011 Premier Wen Jiabao
May 2018 Premier Li Keqiang (Official Guest)
June 2019 President Xi Jinping
October 2019 Vice President Wang Qishan
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