Japan-Uganda Relations

July 12, 2016

Basic Data

Diplomatic Relations:

1962 Independence of Uganda (official recognition)
1973 The Ugandan Embassy was established in Japan
1987 The Ugandan Embassy was closed.
1994 The Ugandan Embassy was reopened.
1997 The Japanese Embassy was established in Uganda

Japanese Nationals in Uganda (data: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan):

261 (as of October 2015)

Ugandan Nationals in Japan (data: Ministry of Justice of Japan):

489 (as of June 2015)

Trade with Japan:

Exports to Japan: 510 million yen (coffee, fish, sesame)
Imports from Japan: 19.8 billion yen (automobile, steel)

Japan's Economic Cooperation (cumulative total as of the end of 2014):

List of Exchange of Notes (E/N)
Loans: 28.738 billion yen
Grants: 55.451 billion yen
Technical cooperation: 27.011 billion yen

Recent VIP Visits (after 2010)

From Japan to Uganda:
Year Name
2010 Parliamentary Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Nishimura
2011 Vice Minister of Defense Watanabe
2012 Their Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Akishino
2012 Parliamentary Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Murakoshi
2014 State Minister of Cabinet Office Nishimura, Parliamentary Vice Minister of the Environment Makihara
2015 Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Defense Ishikawa
2016 Member of the House of Representatives Tanaka (Special Envoy of the Prime Minister)
From Uganda to Japan:
Year Name
2010 Minister of State for Regional Cooperation Musumba
2010 Minister of State for International Affairs Okello
2012 Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development Kiwanuka
2013 President Museveni, Minister of Foreign Affairs Kutesa (TICAD V)
2013 Minister of Health Rugunda
2013 Speaker of Parliament Kadaga
2013 Minister of Presidency Tumwebaze
2014 Minister of Foreign Affairs Kutesa
2015 Minister of Relief and Disaster Preparedness and Refugees Onek (Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction)
2015 President Museveni
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