TICAD II Outline
Second Tokyo International Conference on African Development

"Second Tokyo International Conference on African Development" (TICAD II) was held in Tokyo by Japan, UN and GCA(Global Coalition for Africa) from 19th to 20th in October 1998, with participation from 80 countries, 40 international organizations and 22 NGOs.

Adopted at this conference was "African Development Towards the 21st Century: the Tokyo Agenda for Action", which was designed to guide the concrete policy implementation by African countries and their partners toward African development in the 21st century. It expressed their commitment to the agreed goals and priority actions in the areas of 1) social development: education, health and population, measures to assist the poor, 2) economic development: private sector development, industrial development, agricultural development, external debt, and 3) foundations for development: good governance, conflict prevention and post-conflict development.

This Conference provided an invaluable opportunity for the African leaders and their counterparts to share understanding that in order to reduce poverty and improve quality of life in Africa, Africa's ownership and partnership between Africa and other countries should be enhanced.

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