Japan-Mauritania Relations

Japan-Mauritania Relations (Basic Data)

February 5, 2018

Basic Data

Diplomatic Relations:

  • 1960 (Recognition of the State)

Number of Residents:

  • Number of Japanese nationals residing in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania: 20 (Oct. 2016)
  • Number of Mauritanian nationals residing in Japan: 18 (Dec. 2016)

Trade with Japan (2006):

  • Exports: 13.9 billion yen (marine products such as squids and octopus, etc)
  • Imports: 1.2 million yen (tires, motors, rice, etc)

Japan's Economic Cooperation (as of FY 2015):

  • List of Exchange of Notes
  • Loans: 11.084 million yen (cumulative total)
  • Grants: 52.08 million yen (cumulative total)
  • Technical cooperation: 6,43 billion yen (cumulative total)

VIP Visits

From Japan to the Islamic Republic of Mauritania:
Year Name
Aug. 2004 Members of the House of Representatives, MURATA, KITAMURA
Aug. 2006 Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, ITO
Apr. 2007 Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, HAMADA
Jan. 2011 Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, KIKUTA
Aug. 2014 Member of the House of Representative (Special Envoy for Prime Minister), KITAMURA
From the Islamic Republic of Mauritania to Japan:
Year Name
Jun. 2004 Minister of Fishery
Jul. 2005 Minister of Foreign Affairs, BEUAL
Jul. 2006 Minister of Energy and Oil, MOHAMED ALI
Aug. 2007 Minister of Foreign Affairs, LEMINE
Sep. 2007 Minister of Fishery, SOUMARE
May. 2008 President Abdallahi (TICAD IV)
Dec. 2009 Minister of Industry and mining, OUDAA
Oct. 2010 Minister of Environment, HOUSSEYNOU
Dec. 2010 Minister of Fishery EYIH
Nov. 2011 Minister of Foreign Affairs, HAMADI
Minister of Health BA
Oct. 2012 Minister of Economie and Development TAH
Jun. 2013 Minister of Foreign Affairs HAMADI, Minister of Economie and Development TAH (TICAD V)
Mar. 2014 Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development CAMARA