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April 2012

Basic Data

Diplomatic Relations:
1 August, 1974 (Date of the recognition of the State)
Number of Residents:
Number of Japanese nationals residing in the Republic of Guinea-Bissau: 2 (as of Oct. 2007)
Trade with Japan (2006):
Exports: 3.8 million yen (fish, etc.)
Imports: 25 million yen (automobiles, motorcycles, etc.)
Direct Investment from Japan (cumulative total fiscal 1951-1998):
Japan's Economic Cooperation (cumulative total until fiscal 1999):
List of Exchange of Notes
Loans: none
Grants: 10.5 billion yen
Technical cooperation: 0.5 billion yen

VIP Visits

From Japan to the Republic of Guinea-Bissau:
From the Republic of Guinea-Bissau to Japan:
Date Name
Oct. 1998 Minister of Economy and Finance, Issuf SANHA (TICAD II),
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Delfim DA SILVA (TICAD II)
Jun. 2000 Prime Minister, NCHAMA
Feb. 2007 Minister of Fishery, MANE

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