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August 2012

Basic Data

Diplomatic Relations:
14 November, 1958 (Date of recognition of the State)
Number of Residents:
Number of Japanese nationals residing in the Republic of Guinea: 37 (as of Oct. 2005)
Number of Guinea nationals residing in Japan: 257 (as of Dec. 2004)
Trade with Japan (2005):
Exports: 129 million yen (marine products, etc.)
Imports: 1,516 million yen (automobiles, steel, etc.)
Direct Investment from Japan (cumulative total fiscal 1951-2004):
$ 11 million
Japan's Economic Cooperation:
List of Exchange of Notes
Loans: 16.0 billion yen (2004)
Grants: 39.5 billion yen (2004)
Technical cooperation: 5.08 billion yen

Recent VIP Visits

From Japan to the Republic of Guinea:
Year Name
2004 Aug. Members of the House of Representatives, Yoshitaka MURATA and Seigo KITAMURA
2004 Sep. Member of the House of Representative, Yoshio YATSU
2004 Dec. Ambassador in charge of Conflict Resolution and Refugee-Related Issues in Africa, Keitaro SATO
2005 Feb. Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Katsuyuki KAWAI
2005 Jun. Member of the House of Representative, Daishiro YAMAGIWA
From the Republic of Guinea to Japan:
Year Name
2001 Dec. Minister, Secretary General, Cooperation, KABA
2002 Dec. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, FALL
2003 Sep. Prime Minister, SIDIME
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, FALL
Minister of Agriculture and Stockbreeding, SARR
Minister of Fisheries, KOUYATE
2004 Jun. Minister of Fisheries, DIALLO
2005 Jun. Minister of Fisheries, TOURE
Minister of Transport, CONDE
2005 Aug. Minister of Cooperation, DIALLO
Minister of Trade, Industry and Medium and Small Enterprises, CAMARA

Cultural Exchanges

Mission of researchers for West African primates

Cultural Grant (cumulative total fiscal 1975-2004)

141.0 million yen (Cultiral Grant Aid)

Recent Trends

Bilateral economic cooperation has been developing, mainly in food aid, construction of schools, provision of water. In the presidential election that took place in December 2003, Lansana CONTE was reelected. General Strikes were carried out in February and June 2006 due to economic problems such as wages, prices of basic goods.

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