Japan-Chad Relations

March 26, 2020

Basic Data

Diplomatic Relations:

  • 1960 (recognition of the State)

Number of Residents:

  • Number of Japanese nationals residing in the Republic of Chad: 5 (October 2018)
  • Number of Chad nationals residing in Japan: 3 (June, 2019)

Trade with Japan (2019):

  • Exports: 22 million yen (crude vegetable materials, leather goods, etc.)
  • Imports: 4.6 billion yen (pharmaceutical products, machinery and transport equipment, metal products, etc.)

Japan's Economic Cooperation (cumulative total until fiscal 2017):

VIP Visits

From Japan to the Republic of Chad:
Year Name
Nov. 2005 Members of the Japan-AU Parliamentary Friendship League
May. 2018 State Minister for Foreign Affairs, SATO
From the Republic of Chad to Japan (since 1990):
Year Name
Oct. 1993 Minister of Plan and Cooperation, Ibni OUMAR (TICAD)
Oct. 1998 Minister of Foreign Affairs, ANNADIF (TICAD II)
Dec. 2001 Minister of Foreign Affairs, ANNADIF (TICAD Ministerial Meeting)
Sep. 2003 Minister of Plan, Development, Cooperation, HASSAN (TICAD III)
Jul. 2005 Minister of Foreign Affairs and African Integration, YAMASSOUM
Jun. 2013 President Deby (TICAD V)
May. 2016 President Deby (G7 Ise-Shima Summit)
Oct. 2018 Secretary of State for Economy and Development, HISSEIN TAHIR SOUGUIMI (TICAD Ministerial Meeting)
Aug. 2019 Minister of Economy and Development Planning, DOUBRAGNE (TICAD 7)
Oct. 2019 Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, African Integration, International Cooperation and the Diaspora, ACHTA (Ceremony of the Enthronement of His Majesty the Emperor at the Seiden)
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