Japan-Algeria Relations

Japan-Algeria Relations (Basic Data)

June 20, 2017

Basic Data

Diplomatic Relations:

  • 1958 Representative Office of Front de Liberation Nationale (FLN) was opened in Tokyo.
  • 1962 Bilateral relationship established upon Japan's recognition of Algeria's independence.
  • 1964 Japanese Embassy was opened in Algeria.
  • 1964 Algerian Embassy was opened in Tokyo.

Bilateral Treaties and Agreements:

  • 2004 Technological Assistance Agreement

Number of Residents:

  • Number of Japanese nationals residing in Algeria: 150 (October 2016)
  • Number of Argerian nationals residing in Japan: 190 (December 2016)

Trade with Japan (2015)

  • (1) Exports: 112.2 billion yen (liquid natural gas (LNG) etc.)
    Imports: 30.0 billion yen (trucks, passenger cars, tires etc.)
  • (2) Algeria is the biggest plant market for Japanese enterprises.
    Economic relationship is mainly in energy area (plant construction projects etc)
  • (3) In November 2008, 6th Japan-Algeria Joint Economic Committee took place in Algiers.

Economic Cooperation

Japan’s economic assistance is mainly on training and dispatching experts.

  • Japan's assistance (cumulative as of 2015):
  • List of Exchange of Notes
  • Loans: 14.85 billion yen
  • Grants: 1.385 billion yen
  • Technical cooperation: 7.832 billion yen

(1) Recent major issues

[Dispatching of experts]:
Advisor for seismic engineering laboratory of CGS (FY2014~), capacity enhancement in the field of fisheries education (FY2014~)
[Technological cooperation projects]:
Project on improving research and education at Ecole Nationale Superieure Maritime (FY2011~)
[Science and Technology Cooperation]:
Sahara Solar Energy Research Center (SSERC) (FY2010~)
[Third country training]:
Maritime education reinforcement in Middle East, francophone Africa (FY2012~)
[Grants for grass-roots projects]:
Project on vocational training facilities and equipment (FY2011), issues on handicapped facilities minibus deployment (FY2013)
[Aid cooperating with international institutes]:
Project on enhancement of anti-terrorism law (UNODC, FY2013), support on creating and promoting youth employment policies (UNDP, FY2011, revision in FY2013)

(2) Financing by Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC):

  • Approximately 972 billion Yen (cumulative as of March 2013) (Mainly towards hydrocarbon related projects at Sonatrach (Société Nationale pour la Recherche, la Production, le Transport, la Transformation et la Commercialisation des Hydrocarbures)

Cultural relationship

  • (1) 2004: performance of judo and ikebana
  • (2) 2005: wadaiko performance (Japanese drum)
  • (3) 2006: lecture on Japanese art, a ball in Algiers by “kikunokai” (Chrysanthemum club), Japanese cultural week (mainly focused on performing ikebana, introducing Japanese food, showing Japanese movies)
  • (4) 2007: Japanese cultural week in Algiers, movie director Yoji Yamada visiting Algeria
  • (5) 2008: screening Japanese movies in Algeria International manga festival
  • (6) 2009: showing anime movie by Hayao Miyazaki, the Japan Foundation traveling exhibitions, classic concert (cosponsored by the Japanese Foundation), “Sakura to Heisei no Genji Monogatari Emaki” exhibition
  • (7) 2010: performance of wadaiko and noh, lecture by movie director, various seminars (academic etc.)
  • (8) 2011: noh and symphony performance, interaction through judo, showing seven Japanese films
  • (9) 2012: noh, bunraku, shamisen, symphony performance, photography, calligraphy, doll exhibition, book fair, lecture on origami, kendo and anime, screening 12 Japanese films (approximately 78 times overall), 2nd academic seminar
  • (10) 2013: noh, symphony performance, book fair, lecture by the ambassador
  • (11) 2014: demonstration of symphony and contemporary dance, book fair, lecture by the ambassador and experts of international politics, origami-class by ambassador’s spouse, screening 9 Japanese films in Asian Film Festival, in capital and in local cities, 4th academic seminar

VIP Visits

From Japan to Algeria:
Year Name
2000: Masahiko KOUMURA, Former Foreign Minister
Kiyohiro ARAKI, Senior State Secretary for Foreign Affairs
2001: Nobutaka MACHIMURA, Education and Science Minister
2002: Kenshiro MATSUNAMI, Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs
2004: Yoshiro MORI, Former Prime Minister
2005: Katsuyuki KAWAI, Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs
2006: Yoshitaka SAKURADA, Vice-Minister of Cabinet Office
2007: Itsuyuki ONODERA, Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs
2009: Seiko HASHIMOTO, Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs
2010: Tadahiro MATSUSHITA, Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry
Seiji MAEHARA, Minister for Foreign Affairs
2012: Ryuji YAMANE, Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs
2013: Minoru KIUCHI, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs
Shunichi SUZUKI, State-Minister for Foreign Affairs (Prime Minister’s Special Envoy)
2014: Nobuo KISHI, State-Minister for Foreign Affairs
2015: Kentaro SONOURA, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs
2016: Japan-AU Parliamentary Friendship League (Kazunori TANAKA, Vice-President, member of the House of Representatives, Kenya AKIBA, Vice-Chief Secretary, member of the House of Representatives, Mitsunari OKAMOTO, member of the House of Representatives)
Yosuke TAKAGI, Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry
Motome TAKISAWA, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs
From Algeria to Japan:
Year Name
2000: Youcef YOUSFI, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Abdelaziz BOUTEFLIKA, President
2001: Abdelkader MESSAHEL, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs
2002: Ali TOUNSI, Director General of DGSN
Chakib KHELIL, Minister of Energy and Mines
2003: Abdelkader MESSAHEL, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs
2004: Cherif RAHMANI, Minister of Land Planning and Environment
Mohamed MEZIANE, Chief Executive Officer of SONATRACH
Abdelaziz BOUTEFLIKA, President
2005: Boudjemaa HAICHOUR, Minister of Postal and Information Technology
2007: Mohamed BEJAWI, Former Foreign Minister (September, November)
Amar GHOUL, Public Works Minister
2008: Abdelaziz BOUTEFLIKA, President
2012: Karim DJOUDI, Minister of Finance
2013: Youcef YOUSFI, Minister of Energy
Abdelkader BENSALAH, President of the Council of the Nation of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria
Youcef YOUSFI, Minister of Energy