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The 8th Meeting of the Japan-Finland Joint Committee on Cooperation in Science and Technology

April 12, 2024
Photo of the meeting
Photo session
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The eighth Japan-Finland Joint Committee Meeting on Cooperation in Science and Technology took place in Tokyo on April 12, 2024.

  1. The Joint Committee Meeting was co-chaired by Ms. KAJI Misako, Ambassador for Science and Technology Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and Mr. Petri Peltonen, Under-Secretary of State of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (MEAE) of the Republic of Finland. A number of representatives from the relevant ministries and agencies in both Japan and Finland participated (some online).
  2. During the meeting, both sides introduced the recent developments of national policies on science, technology and innovation and green transformation policies, and had a candid and lively discussion on the current status and future prospects of bilateral cooperation in individual areas such as arctic research, health technology, 5G/6G, supercomputing, quantum technology and bioeconomy.
(Reference) The Japan-Finland Joint Committee on Cooperation in Science and Technology
  1. The Agreement between Japan and Finland on Cooperation in Science and Technology was signed in September 1997, and commenced in December of the same year. Article 5 stipulates the establishment of a joint committee as an intergovernmental framework to exchange views on scientific and technological policy issues related to the implementation of the agreement and to review the cooperative activities and accomplishments under the agreement.
  2. Based on this agreement, the joint committee meeting has been held alternately in Japan and Finland.

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