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Casualties of Aid Workers in Attacks in the Gaza Strip

April 3, 2024
  1. On April 2 (local time), aid workers engaged in humanitarian assistance in the Gaza Strip were attacked, resulting in their deaths and injuries.
  2. In the Gaza Strip, a large number of civilians, including aid workers, have been killed in attacks to date. Japan expresses its deep concern over the fact that harm is caused to civilians, including aid workers, who are working tirelessly to deliver essential humanitarian supplies to the people of Gaza. Japan extends its heartfelt sympathy to the victims and offers its condolences to their bereaved family members and also expresses its heartfelt sympathy to the injured. Japan calls for adequate investigation to be conducted and measures to be taken by Israel to prevent recurrences.
  3. Japan continues to urge all the parties to act, in accordance with international law and international humanitarian law, so as to avoid further civilian casualties.

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