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The G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

February 18, 2024

On February 17, from 7:15pm (11:15am local time on the same day) for approximately 100 minutes, the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting was held in Munich, Germany. The overview of the meeting is as follows. (Foreign Ministers of the G7 countries, EU High Representative attended. Mr. Funakoshi, Senior Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, attended on Minister Kamikawa’s behalf.) In the latter half of the meeting, H.E. Mr. Dmytro Kuleba, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, joined the discussion, expressing his gratitude for the support provided by the G7 members to date and expectations for the future supports. Chair’s Statement (PDF)Open a New Window was issued after the meeting.

  1. During the discussion, the G7 members reaffirmed their commitment to upholding the rule of law, humanitarian principles, universal human rights and international law, including the UN Charter, while the discussion at the meeting focused on the situation in Ukraine and the Middle East.
  2. Regarding the situation in Ukraine, on the eve of the two-year mark of the brutal Russian aggression against Ukraine, the G7 members reaffirmed their unwavering resolve to continue to support Ukraine. The G7 members also confirmed that they recognized that developments in the Indo- Pacific can directly affect Euro-Atlantic security and that they will continue to support Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction while addressing the needs of women and children, including through the Japan-Ukraine conference for Promotion of Economic Growth and Reconstruction.
  3. Regarding the situation in the Middle East, the G7 members shared the view that they condemned the terrorist attacks by Hamas and other terrorist groups; securing humanitarian access to Gaza Strip remains an absolute priority; they worked for prolonged and durable pauses in the hostilities leading to a sustainable ceasefire; they remained committed to a two-state solution, and securing maritime security and navigational rights and freedom are critical.

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