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Israeli military operation in Rafah in the Gaza Strip
(Statement by Press Secretary KOBAYASHI Maki)

February 12, 2024
  1. Japan is deeply concerned about the reports of an Israeli military operation in Rafah in the Gaza Strip. Over one million Palestinian people in Gaza have been displaced inRafah, which is a particularly important location for the delivery of humanitarian supplies.
  2. As the humanitarian situation on the ground deteriorates and the number of civilian casualties, including a large number of children, women, and elderly people, continues to rise, it is crucial to improve the humanitarian situation as soon as possible and to secure an environment in which humanitarian assistance activites can be carried out to achieve this.
  3. While having unequivocally condemned the terror attacks by Hamas and others and having consistently called for the immediate release of hostages, Japan once again reiterates the importance of the protection of civilians, and urges all parties to act in accordance with international law including international humanitarian law, and to act in good faith based on relevant UN Security Council resolutions, including ensuring humanitarian assistance.

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