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Presidential Election in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
(Statement by Press Secretary KOBAYASHI Maki)

January 12, 2024
  1. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) held a presidential election which began on 20 December 2023 (local time) and its Constitutional Court declared the final result on 9 January 2024 (local time). Japan congratulates Mr. Félix Antoine TSHISEKEDI TSHILOMBO, the incumbent candidate, on his re-election as President.
  2. Japan considers that the election was held with the strong will of the people of the DRC towards the consolidation of democracy in the midst of various difficulties, and commends the country which conducted the elections with firm determination. On this basis, Japan hopes that, under the strong leadership of President TSHISEKEDI, further efforts will be made to consolidate and strengthen social cohesion and democratic processes in the DRC through dialogues.
  3. Japan looks forward to further strengthening its friendly and cooperative relations with the DRC, based on the good relationship of trust that have been nurtured through cooperation in various fields, including the support for the consolidation of peace in the Eastern region of the country, infrastructure development and strengthening social infrastructure.

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