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Foreign Minister KAMIKAWA’s Visit to Ukraine

January 7, 2024

On January 7, Ms. KAMIKAWA Yoko, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan visits Ukraine and will hold meetings in Kyiv including with H.E. Mr. Dmytro KULEBA, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

During the visit, Minister Kamikawa will once again reiterate to the Ukranian side that Japan's consistent policy of standing with and supporting Ukraine remains unchanged even in the face of current severe international situation.Minister Kamikawa will also brief the Ukrainian side on the details of relevant assistance and plan of ours.

In addition, Minister Kamikawa will directly convey to the Ukranian side that Japan will strongly demonstrate its commitment to the recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine under the close public-private partnership through hosting the Japan-Ukraine Conference for Promotion of Economic Reconstruction in Japan on February 19 this year with the in-person pariticipation of H.E. Mr. Denys SHMYHAL, Prime Minister of Ukraine. During the visit, Minister Kamikawa will consult with the partners on the Ukranian side on how to scale up cooperation between the two aiming for the success of the endeavor in this coming February.

Furthermore, Minister Kamikawa will be engaged in candid discussion with the Ukuranian partners on the efforts to achieve a just and lasting peace, to which the Ukrainian side attaches great importance, and on Japan’s potential for concrete contribution to the process as well.

In this visit, Minister Kamikawa will participate in the handover ceremony of large-scale power-related equipment for winterization assistance. The Minister will visit the site of assistance to women and children with a view to stress the importance of the WPS concept which emphasizes that active participation of women as leaders in reconstruction and peace-building will enable a more sustainable peace to be achieved.

Throughout all the programs during the visit, Minister Kamikawa is to demonstrate Japan’s determination to uphold the international order based on the “rule of law” from the perspective that unilateral changes to the status quo by force, such as Russia's aggression against Ukraine, cannot be accepted. The Minister will also once again highlight the importance of protecting women and children who are particularly vulnerable in war and of ensuring “human dignity”.

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