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Publication of Strategy Document on Co-Creation for Common Agenda Initiative in Development Cooperation

September 15, 2023

On September 15, 2023, Japan announced a document outlining strategically important areas and ways to proceed with the co-creation for common agenda initiative in development cooperation.

  1. In the Development Cooperation Charter decided by the Cabinet in June 2023, the co-creation for common agenda initiative is proposed in order to make more effective and strategic use of development cooperation. In the co-creation for common agenda initiative, Japan will proactively make proposals in dialogue with the partner countries in a form that is beneficial to the partner countries while mobilizing the advantage of Japan’s areas of strengths.
  2. Based on this document, Japan will proactively propose an attractive cooperation menu to implement development cooperation in a more strategic and effective manner, and at the same time resolve the challenges of developing countries while leading to solutions for the challenges and economic growth of Japan.

“Co-creation for common agenda initiative” Strategically important areas to be addressed through the co-creation for common agenda initiative and how to proceed with cooperation (PDF)Open a New Window

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