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The Situation in the Gabonese Republic
(Statement by Press Secretary ONO Hikariko)

August 31, 2023
  1. On August 30 (local time), members of Gabon's military and security forces claimed the nullity of the presidential election held on August 26 and announced that they had detained President Ali Bongo and suspended state functions of Gabon.
  2. Japan is deeply concerned about this situation and calls on all parties in Gabon to uphold the constitutional order and to return to a civilian-led government at an early date. Japan also emphasizes that a military takeover of power is not acceptable, and calls for ensuring the stability of Gabon, including the safety of President Ali Bongo, his family, and government officials, together with the African Union and the United Nations, among others.
  3. Japan continues to promote the peace and stability of Gabon and its sustainable socio-economic development.

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