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Recent developments in Israel and Palestine
(Statement by Press Secretary ONO Hikariko)

June 21, 2023
  1. Japan expresses its serious concern over the plans of the Israeli government to advance process for construction of over 4,000 settlement housing units in the West Bank, as well as the amendments made to settlement approval procedures that could expedite settlement expansion.
  2. Settlement activities are in violation of international law and Japan has repeatedly called upon the Israeli government to fully freeze those activities. The move on the Israeli side this time clearly goes against efforts by the international community to stabilize the situation and to create a political horizon towards a two-state solution.
  3. Amid the deteriorating security situation, as exemplified by the recent clashes in Jenin, it is essential for all the parties concerned to refrain from unilateral actions including settlement activities and provocative behavior in order to prevent further escalation. Japan strongly condemns the terror attack on June 20 that killed 4 Israelis in the West Bank and the following rampages against Palestinians on the same day. Recalling the importance of the Aqaba and Sharm El Sheikh communiques, Japan strongly calls on all the parties concerned to take concrete steps to ensure de-escalation.

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