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Japan-Armenia Foreign Ministers’ Telephone Talk

January 31, 2023

On January 31, commencing at 21:00 p.m. for approximately 20 minutes, Mr. HAYASHI Yoshimasa, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, held a telephone talk with H.E. Mr. Ararat MIRZOYAN, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia. The overview is as follows:

  1. At the outset, Minister Hayashi expressed his pleasure to speak with Minister Mirzoyan again following their meeting in September last year. He also stated that Armenia is an important partner in maintaining and strengthening the free and open international order based on the rule of law, and that he would like to continue to deepen cooperation in the fields, such as economy, human resources development and culture.
  2. In response to Minister Mirzoyan's explanation of the recent situation in Nagorno-Karabakh, Minister Hayashi noted that Japan pays close attention with concern to the recent destabilization of the situation surrounding the Lachin corridor and deterioration of the humanitarian situation. He also stated that Japan hopes that tensions will be deescalated as soon as possible and that the dialogue for peace, stability, and development of the entire region will be promoted, in accordance with principles of the UN Charter and other international law as well as the agreement among relevant parties.
  3. The two Ministers also exchanged views on the situation in Ukraine and bilateral cooperation in the international arena, and confirmed that they would continue to work closely together in various fields.

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