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Video message by State Foreign Minister SUZUKI at the Global Methane Pledge ministerial

October 11, 2021
State Foreign Minister SUZUKI delivering a video message

On October 11, Ms. SUZUKI Takako, State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, delivered a video message at the Global Methane Pledge ministerial.

  1. State Minister Suzuki stated that as it is important to reduce methane emissions, which have a high greenhouse effect, Japan has been making consistent efforts to reduce methane emissions in a wide range of fields for many years and Japan will continue to work on the development of methane emission reduction technologies and contribute to the global reduction of methane emissions.
  2. Furthermore, pointing out the importance of international cooperation in reducing methane emissions, she stated that Japan will provide technical cooperation and support for the introduction of facilities in the fields of agriculture and waste sector by utilizing the technologies that have been developed thus far.
  3. Japan will be actively involved in this important initiative and lead the efforts of the international community toward global decarbonization.

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