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Emergency Assistance to Honduras in Response to the Hurricane Disaster

November 10, 2020
Today, November 10, upon the request of the Government of Honduras, the Government of Japan has decided to provide emergency relief goods (tents, sleeping pads, blankets, etc) through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to Honduras in response to the damages caused by the recent hurricane.

Upon the request of the Government of Honduras, and in light of the humanitarian perspective and the close relations between Japan and Honduras, Japan has decided to provide emergency assistance to Honduras to support the victims of the hurricane.

In Honduras, continuous torrential rainfall caused by the hurricane (Hurricane Eta) which had reached the country on November 4 has resulted in a large number of those affected including the loss of lives, and much physical damage. According to the Government of Honduras and local news reports, as of November 6, 10 people died, approximately ten thousand people evacuated, one million six hundred and forty thousand people were affected (the total number of inhabitants in the region where the hurricane passed through).

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