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Agreement in Principle on Tax Information Exchange Agreement with the British Virgin Islands

April 25, 2013
  1. The Government of Japan and the Government of the British Virgin Islands, as the result of the intergovernmental negotiation, have agreed in principle on an Agreement for the exchange of information relating to tax matters.
  2. This Agreement provides for the effective exchange of information regarding tax matters between the tax authorities in accordance with the international standards, and is expected to contribute to the prevention of international tax evasion and tax abuse, the importance of which has been recognised at international conferences.
  3. The Government of Japan is determined to contribute to the strengthening the information exchange network aimed at the prevention of international tax evasion and tax abuse by concluding this Agreement as early as possible.
  4. This Agreement will be signed after the work for the finalization of the text and the procedures within both Governments, and enter into force, after the completion of the respective domestic procedures for the conclusion of the Agreement.

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