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Courtesy Call on Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. FUKAZAWA Yoichi by H.E. Mr. Robert Montgomery PERSAUD, Foreign Secretary of the Republic of Guyana

November 7, 2023
Both sides who shake hands facing straight at a camera
Both sides who exchange opinions after having a seat

On November 7, commencing at 5:00 p.m., for approximately 30 minutes, Mr. FUKAZAWA Yoichi, Parliamentary Vice-Ministers for Foreign Affairs, received a courtesy call from H.E. Mr. Robert Montgomery Persaud, Foreign Secretary of the Republic of Guyana. The overview of the courtesy call is as follows:

  1. Parliamentary Vice-Minister Fukazawa welcomed Foreign Secretary Persaud's visit to Japan and expressed expectation for further cooperation with Guyana, as both countries will serve as non-permanent members of the UN Security Council for a year in 2024.
  2. In response, Foreign Secretary Passard expressed appreciation for Japan's continued support for the CARICOM. The two sides concurred to continue cooperation in various areas to further develop the relationship between Japan and Guyana and between Japan and CARICOM.
  3. They also exchanged views on issues such as the situation in North Korea, the regional situation, and cooperation in the UN Security Council, and shared the view to cooperate closely in the international arena.

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