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Video Conference Briefing Session regarding the handling of Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS) Treated Water at TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

August 22, 2023

On 22nd August, 2023, a video conference briefing session for diplomatic missions and others in Tokyo was organized regarding the handling of ALPS treated water at the TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (FDNPS). 48 participants from 32 countries and region attended the session. It was the 123th session after the FDNPS accident.

  1. In the session, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry explained the outline of the 6th Inter-Ministerial Council for Contaminated Water, Treated Water and Decommissioning Issues and the 6th Inter-Ministerial Council for Steady Implementation of the Basic Policy on handling ALPS Treated Water held on 22nd August, and Japan’s future measures, followed by a Q&A session with those in attendance.
  2. Regarding the safety of the discharge of ALPS treated water into the sea, the Government has been courteously explaining Japan's efforts at international conferences and on the occasion of bilateral meetings as well as such briefing sessions mentioned above. In addition, the Government has been actively explaining and disseminating information to the world through its website and SNS, and the IAEA has given a positive evaluation of these activities. We will continue to provide information courteously based on scientific evidence with a high level of transparency.

[Participated countries and region]
EU, Algeria, Argentina, Ukraine, Uruguay, Ecuador, Netherlands, Ghana, Canada, South Korea, Croatia, Trica, Mali, Singapore, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Thailand, China, Chile, Denmark, Germany, Tonga, Nicaragua, Norway, Finland, Brunei, USA, Belgium, Hong Kong, Malawi, Malaysia

[NOTE] ALPS treated water
ALPS treated water is water which is processed by devices such as ALPS (Advanced Liquid Processing System) to ensure that the concentration of the radioactive materials other than tritium surely meet the regulatory standards for safety. In addition, it is planned that ALPS treated water will then be sufficiently diluted before the discharges into the sea so that radioactive materials including tritium will be far below the regulatory standards for safety.

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