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Adoption of Panel Report on China - Anti-Dumping Duties on Stainless Steel Products Originating from Japan in the WTO Dispute Settlement Proceedings

July 28, 2023
  1. On July 28, 2023, a Panel Report on “China - Anti-Dumping Measures on Stainless Steel Products from Japan”, a case Japan had filed its complaints against China, was adopted at the World Trade Organization’s Dispute Settlement Body (DSB).
  2. As a result, the determination of the panel that the anti-dumping measures taken by China on stainless steel products originating from Japan are inconsistent with the WTO Agreements and the Panel's recommendations to China to bring its measures into conformity with the WTO Agreements became final and binding. Japan is calling on China to take the findings of this report seriously and promptly bring its WTO-inconsistent measures into conformity with its obligations under the WTO Agreement.

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