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Luncheon between Foreign Minister Kamikawa and members of the Council of Arab Ambassadors in Japan

October 4, 2023
A group photo of Minister Kamikawa and members of the Council of Arab Ambassadors in Japan
Minister Kamikawa who makes an opening remarks in a luncheon after having a seat a table
Minister Kamikawa who makes an opening remarks and members of the Council of Arab Ambassadors in Japan who listen to her speech in a luncheon after having a seat a table

On October 4, Ms. KAMIKAWA Yoko, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, as the second round of her proactive outreach effort, participated in a luncheon hosted by the Council of Arab Ambassadors in Japan. The overview is as follows.

At the outset, H.E. Ambassador Waleed Ali SIAM, Representative of the Permanent General Mission of Palestine and Dean of the Council of Arab Ambassadors in Japan, expressed his appreciation and gratitude for Japan’s role and assistance in its relations with the Arab world, and stated that it is significant that this luncheon was held just 20 days after Minister Kamikawa’s inauguration. He also expressed his hope to develop Japan-Arab relations in various fields.

Minister Kamikawa, in her opening remarks, stated that while the international community is at a historical turning point and the Middle East itself is also facing dynamic changes, Japan will stand by the Arab world.

Also, Minister Kamikawa stated that she would like to promote cooperation with the Arab world under the “three pillars” (Note) for future cooperation with the region which was proposed by Japan at the Third Japan-Arab Political Dialogue last month. Minister Kamikawa also stated that she will proactively work on new areas of cooperation by building on her own experience and knowledge.

Furthermore, Minister Kamikawa referred to future cooperation in the fields of energy security, the vision to make the Middle East region become a global supply hub for clean energy and critical minerals, as well as the entry of Japanese companies into the Arab market. She then expressed Japan’s intention to continue to contribute to the peace and stability in the region, including addressing the Palestinian issue.

Minister Kamikawa and the participants then had candid discussions on future cooperation between Japan and Arab countries such as promotion of economic relations including startups and cooperation in the field of climate change, along with discussions on the regional situation including the Middle East Peace and refugee issues. Many participants expressed their appreciation for Japan’s longstanding assistance for the Arab world. Moreover, Ambassador of Jordan, the only female ambassador who participated in the luncheon, stated that she welcomed the inauguration of the female Foreign Minister of Japan.


  • (a) "Collaboration toward prosperity" (strengthening economic relationship from a long-term perspective in a wide range of areas with Middle Eastern countries)
  • (b) "Initiative toward consolidation of peace" (continued assistance to Palestine and unstable countries, continued cooperation through regional cooperative frameworks, and cooperation in the area of security and defense that contributes to regional stability)
  • (c) "Efforts through dialogue and practice toward maintaining and strengthening the free and open international order based on the rule of law" (promoting understanding of the Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP) and promoting cooperative maritime security projects).

Twenty Ambassadors of the Council participated: Palestine (Dean), Morocco, Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Tunisia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Mauritania, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Yemen, Djibouti, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Qatar

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