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Video Conference between Foreign Minister Hayashi and H.E. Mr. Rafael Mariano Grossi, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency

August 25, 2023
Minister Hayashi who holds a video conference with Director General Grossi
Minister Hayashi who explains the situation regarding the discharge of ALPS treated water to Director General Grossi

On August 25th, commencing at 4:00 p.m. for approximately 30 minutes, Mr. HAYASHI Yoshimasa, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, held a video conference with H.E. Mr. Rafael Mariano Grossi, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The overview is as follows.

  1. At the outset, regarding the discharge of ALPS treated water, Foreign Minister Hayashi stated that Japan will continue to take all possible measures to ensure its safety and will also ensure, with the IAEA's continued involvement, that discharges that adversely affect human health or the environment would never happen. He also reiterated that Japan will continue to provide scientific and transparent explanations to the public both in Japan and in the international community.
  2. In response, Director General Grossi stated that IAEA experts are on the ground to serve as the eyes of the international community and ensure that the discharges are being carried out as planned consistent with IAEA safety standards. He also reiterated that IAEA will engage until the last drop of the water has been discharged, as he promised in July.
  3. The both shared the recognition that countries from a wide range of regions have expressed their support for the effort and reaffirmed that IAEA will ensure over the next few decades that the safety of the discharge is consistent with IAEA safety standards through the IAEA staff presence at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi NPP, real-time monitoring and publication of its data, as well as ongoing additional reviews and corroboration of monitoring activities by the IAEA. Moreover both concurred on drafting and issuing in an early time a document that shows cooperation and coordination between Japan and the IAEA which are reaffirmed in today’s video conference.

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