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Statement on the Situation in the North of Kosovo
(Statement by Foreign Press Secretary ONO Hikariko)

June 1, 2023
  1. We express our serious concern over the escalating tensions in the north of Kosovo, while strongly condemning the series of violent acts, including violence against the troops of the KFOR peacekeeping mission as well as civilians during clashes between Kosovo police forces and Serb protesters on May 29 (local time).
  2. Japan, as this year’s G7 Chair, closely monitors the situation in the north of Kosovo with grave concern and calls for urgent actions by both parties to immediately de-escalate tensions, refraining from any further violence.
  3. Japan strongly urges both parties to recommit to engaging in the EU-facilitated Dialogue, and to implement expediently and in good faith their respective obligations under the Agreement on the path to normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia and its Implementation Annex, reached under the Dialogue in Brussels on February 27 and in Ohrid on March 18 respectively.

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