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Seventh Japan-France Foreign and Defense Ministers’ Meeting ("2+2")

May 9, 2023
A picture of a monitor which shows attendees of Japan-France Foreign and Defense Ministers' Meeting
Foreign Minister Hayashi who speaks after having a seat at a table
Foreign Minister Hayashi who speaks in the meeting and Defense Minister Hamada who attends the meeting

On May 9, commencing at 3:50 p.m. for approximately one hour 40 minutes, Mr. HAYASHI Yoshimasa, Minister for Foreign Affairs held the Seventh Japan-France Foreign and Defense Ministers’ Meeting (“2+2”) via videoconference with Mr. HAMADA Yasukazu, Minister of Defense, as well as H.E. Ms. Catherine COLONNA, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of the French Republic, and H.E. Mr. Sébastien LECORNU, Minister for Armed Forces of the French Republic. The overview of the meeting is as follows. After the meeting, a Joint Statement (Japanese (PDF)Open a New Window / French (PDF)Open a New Window) was issued.

  1. At the outset, the French side stated that they were very pleased to hold the "2+2" meeting between Japan and France and that they would like to work more closely with Japan, an “Exceptional Partner”. In response, the Japanese side stated that, given the current severe security environment, it is essential to further strengthen cooperation between Japan and France, as like-minded countries, in both diplomacy and defense, and that they would like to confirm further cooperation with France in order to maintain and strengthen the free and open international order based on the rule of law. The Japanese side also expressed its appreciation for the support and cooperation of France in the evacuation of Japanese nationals and others from Sudan.
  2. The Japanese side explained the National Security Strategy announced in December 2022 and the "New Plan for a Free and Open Indo-Pacific." The French side highly welcomed them and reiterated France's strong commitment to the Indo-Pacific region. The four ministers also exchanged views on Japanese-French cooperation in areas such as cyber, space, and economic security.
  3. The Japanese side reiterated its welcome to the recent port call of the French frigate "Prairial" to Yokosuka. The four ministers highly appreciated the defense cooperation and exchanges between Japan and France through such port calls and joint training, and shared the view to deepen such cooperation and exchanges as well as defense equipment and technology cooperation.
  4. Both sides strongly condemned Russia's aggression against Ukraine and confirmed their continued support for Ukraine, their continued cooperation and actions in the G7, and their close coordination on sanctions against Russia. They also exchanged views on the issues in the Indo-Pacific, including China and North Korea, and opposed attempts to unilaterally change the status quo by force or coercion in the East and South China Seas. It was also confirmed that there is no change in the basic positions on Taiwan, reaffirming the importance of the peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait as an indispensable element for the security and prosperity in the international community, and they shared the view to encourage the peaceful resolution of cross-Strait issues. They also concurred that they would continue to coordinate closely in responding to North Korea, including on nuclear and missile-related issues as well as the abductions issue. In addition, they exchanged views on Africa.

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