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Dispatch of Self-Defense Force Aircraft to Assistance Operation in Cooperation with NATO to Earthquake Damage in the Republic of Türkiye

March 13, 2023

On March 13, regarding the earthquake damage in the Republic of Türkiye, the Government of Japan decided to dispatch Self-Defense Force aircraft, based on the Act on Dispatchment of the Japan Disaster Relief Team.

A Self-Defense Force aircraft is scheduled to depart for Pakistan as early as on March 14 to transport emergency relief supplies for the Republic of Türkiye, including tents located in Pakistan.

This is the first international emergency relief operation carried out in cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), following a request from the government of Turkey and NATO to Japan, a NATO partner country, for cooperation in transportation by Self-Defense Force aircraft.

Japan intends to provide necessary assistance in cooperation with NATO and international organizations, making use of its experience and knowledge as an earthquake-prone country.

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