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Additional Emergency Assistance to the Republic of Türkiye in Response to the Damages caused by the Earthquake

February 18, 2023

On February 18, upon the additional request from the Government of Türkiye, the Government of Japan has decided to provide additional emergency relief goods (blankets, sleeping pads and generators) to the Republic of Türkiye through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in response to the damages caused by the earthquake that occurred in the southeastern part of the country.

  1. On February 10, the Government of Japan had decided to provide emergency relief goods (tents, blankets and sleeping pads) through JICA for the Republic of Türkiye based on the request of Türkiye and these relief goods arrived in Türkiye on February 14.
  2. The Government of Japan has decided to provide the additional emergency assistance for the affected people from a humanitarian point of view as well as in light of the friendly relationship with Türkiye.

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