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The 22nd Japan-Spain Symposium and its final report

October 6, 2022
A group photo by people concerned
Parliamentary Vice-Minister Yoshikawa who delivers opening remarks

On October 5, the 22nd Japan-Spain Symposium was held at the Kyoto Keihanna Plaza, co-hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Kyoto Prefecture, and Keihanna Convention Promotion Committee. The overview of the symposium is as follows.

  1. At the opening ceremony, Ms. YOSHIKAWA Yuumi, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, and Ms. Ángeles MORENO, State Secretary for Foreign and Global Affairs of the Government of Spain delivered opening remarks.
  2. Afterwards six sessions were held under the theme of "Japan-Spain Relations at a Turning Point in the International Order". The topics of each session are as follows: "The New International Geopolitical Environment: Japan and Spain in Tomorrow's World"; "Economic Security: Strengthening Value Chains in an Uncertain World"; "Business Cooperation in the Future Economy"; "The Role of Language: Japanese Language in Spain and Spanish Language in Japan"; "Tourism: Tourism Promotion in Japan and Spain with a Post-Corona Vision," and "Food: Food Culture of Japan and Spain and its Impact on Promoting Mutual Understanding”. On these topics, experts from both countries developed the discussion in each session.
  3. At the closing ceremony, the co-chairs, Mr. SATO Yoshio, Special Senior Corporate Advisor to Sumitomo Life Insurance Company, and Dr. Josep PIQUÉ, President of the Spain-Japan Council Foundation (former Minister of Foreign Affairs), issued the final report.

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