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Foreign Minister Hayashi Attends an EU Heads of Missions meeting (meeting of EU and EU member states ambassadors) in Tokyo Hosted by Mr. Jean-Eric Paquet, EU Ambassador-Designate to Japan

October 5, 2022
Minister Hayashi who speaks in a meeting of ambassadors of EU Member States in Tokyo
The state of a meeting of ambassadors of EU Member States in Tokyo (The state of a whole of the meeting room)
A group photo of Minister Hayashi, Ambassador-Designate Paquet, and EU member states ambassadors

On October 5, Mr. HAYASHI Yoshimasa, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, attended a meeting of ambassadors of European Union (EU) Member States in Tokyo hosted by Mr. Jean-Eric Paquet, Ambassador-Designate of the EU to Japan.

  1. This regularly held meeting brings together ambassadors of the EU and the 27 EU Member States to the EU delegation to Japan. Minister Hayashi was invited as the guest of honour.
  2. At the meeting, while referring to his meetings with his counterparts of the EU and the EU Member States, Minister Hayashi stressed the importance of unity between Japan and the G7 and the EU in dealing with Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Under the current severe security environment, Minister Hayashi expressed his intention to strengthen the Japan-EU partnership for upholding a free and open international order based on the rule of law throughout the world, including the Indo-Pacific region. In addition, Minister Hayashi reiterated Japan’s request for the early lifting of the EU’s import measures on Japanese food products.
  3. Minister Hayashi and the ambassadors of EU Member States then held a lively discussion regarding international issues including the situation in Ukraine.

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