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Japan-U.S. Space Security Dialogue (Director-level meeting)

July 21, 2022

On July 20-21, a director-level meeting of Japan-U.S. Space Security Dialogue was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

  1. In light of the Japan-U.S. summit meeting held in May of this year and the Japan-U.S. Security Consultative Committee held in January of this year when both countries concurred on the importance of cooperation in space, participants from both sides exchanged views on their space security policies and discussed ways to deepen cooperation on space domain awareness, as well as joint responses to serious threats in the space domain.
  2. The two sides also exchanged their views on cooperation in the international arena aimed at preserving and ensuring a safe, secure, stable and sustainable space domain, establishing norms of responsible behaviors in space, and on strengthening cooperation with third countries. Both sides have concurred to steadily advance their cooperation in bilateral and multilateral contexts.
  3. The participants to the meeting include representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, National Space Policy Secretariat of the Cabinet Office, and National Security Secretariat from the Japanese side, and Department of State and Department of Defense from the U.S. side.

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