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Meeting between State Minister for Foreign Affairs Suzuki Takako and H.E. Mr. Gabrielius Landsbergis, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania

June 6, 2022
State Minister Suzuki who attends the meeting with Minister Landsbergis
The state of the meeting between State Minister Suzuki and Minister Landsbergis

On June 6, commencing at 11:00 AM for approximately 105 minutes, Ms. SUZUKI Takako, State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, held a meeting and working lunch with H.E. Mr. Gabrielius LANDSBERGIS, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, who is visiting Japan as a guest of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The overview is as follows:

  1. Bilateral Relations
  • (1) State Minister Suzuki welcomed Minister Landsbergis' first visit to Japan, stating that his grandfather laid the foundation of relations with Japan 30 years ago as Chairman of the Supreme Council. She also expressed her willingness to celebrate the 100th anniversary of their friendship this year and to work together to raise bilateral cooperation to a higher level. In response, Minister Landsbergis expressed his pleasure at his first visit to Japan and stated that Lithuania attaches great importance to its relations with Japan and would like to take this visit as an opportunity to further strengthen the relationship.
  • (2) Both sides confirmed that Japan and Lithuania have historical ties, including the "Visa for Life" issued by Mr. Sugihara Chiune, and that they share fundamental values such as freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights. They also confirmed that Russia's aggression against Ukraine undermines the very foundation of the international order not only in Europe but also in Asia, and that the unity among the countries sharing fundamental values have never mattered more at this historical crossroads, thus the two countries will work closely together to address the situation in Ukraine and realize a "free and open Indo-Pacific".
  • (3) State Minister Suzuki welcomed the steady development of bilateral economic relations and expressed her hope for the Lithuanian government's support for investment by Japanese companies. In response, Minister Landsbergis stated that he appreciated the contribution of Japanese companies to the Lithuanian economy and European connectivity, and that he would actively support their investments in Lithuania.
  1. Regional Situation
  • (1) Regarding Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, both sides confirmed that they will take concerted action with the international community to stop the aggression as soon as possible. State Minister Suzuki explained that Japan, as the only Asian country in the G7, is actively engaged in outreach to Asian countries and that she herself visited African countries to this end. Minister Landsbergis responded that he highly appreciated Japan's efforts. Both sides shared the understanding that the security of Europe and the Indo-Pacific is inseparable, and State Minister Suzuki expressed her appreciation for Lithuania's increasing engagement in Asia and the special importance Lithuania attaches to its relationship with Japan in this context.
  • (2) Both sides confirmed that they would continue to cooperate on economic coercion against Lithuania and the response to North Korea, including nuclear and missile issues such as the launch of ballistic missiles on the previous day (June 5th), as well as the abductions issue.
  • (3) Furthermore, the two sides exchanged views on the security situation in Europe following Russia's aggression against Ukraine, and reconfirmed the importance of strengthening cooperation between Japan and NATO, bearing in mind that the security of Europe and the Indo-Pacific is inseparable.
  1. Cooperation in International Fora
    Both sides also exchanged views on cooperation in the international arena, including disarmament, non-proliferation, and food security, and concurred on further strengthening cooperation in the future.

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