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Special Measures Agreement (SMA) and Related Measures

December 21, 2021

Representatives of the Government of Japan (GOJ) and the Government of the United States of America (USG) have reached consensus on the contents of a new proposed SMA (Agreement between Japan and the United States of America concerning Special Measures relating to Article XXIV of the Agreement under Article VI of the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between Japan and the United States of America, regarding Facilities and Areas and the Status of United States Armed Forces in Japan) and related measures.
Major components of the SMA, along with the Facilities Improvement Program and labor welfare costs will constitute Host Nation Support, under which Japan and the United States will mutually endeavor to constantly make our Alliance capable of meeting the evolving security challenges facing us. Bilateral defense cooperation under Host Nation Support will contribute to the enhancement of readiness and resiliency of the Alliance, including by improving the interoperability of U.S. forces and the Self-Defense Forces of Japan.

  1. The new proposed SMA and related commitments
  • (1) Covers JFY 2022 through JFY 2026
  • (2) Labor Costs
    The number of workers funded by the GOJ working at revenue generating welfare facilities will be 3,893, and the number of workers funded by the GOJ engaged in the activities such as administrative work at headquarters and maintenance of assets will be 19,285. As a result, the annual labor costs funded by the GOJ under this SMA will cover 23,178 people out of all of the workers.
    (Note) Any changes to wages and allowances based on National Personnel Authority recommendations will be reflected to the labor cost accordingly.
  • (3) Utilities Costs
    GOJ will bear the annual utilities costs as follows:
    JFY 2022: JPY 23.4 billion
    JFY 2023: JPY 23.4 billion
    JFY 2024: JPY 15.1 billion
    JFY 2025: JPY 13.3 billion
    JFY 2026: JPY 13.3 billion
  • (4) Training Equipment and Materials Procurement
    The GOJ will bear expenditures for procurement of equipment, materials, and related services by the U.S. Forces for training capabilities installed in the facilities and areas used by the U.S. Forces in Japan. Such equipment and materials will not only ensure the readiness of the U.S. Forces but also can contribute to enhanced capabilities of the Self-Defense Forces of Japan for greater Alliance deterrence and readiness. Total amount of training equipment, materials and related services procurement cost borne by the GOJ will be JPY 20 billion over the new SMA period, subject to the completion of all necessary procedures for such budget request.
  • (5) Training Relocation
    The annual training relocation costs funded by the GOJ under this SMA will be approximately equal to the budget amount of the Japanese fiscal year 2021, which is approximately JPY 11.4 billion.
    Alaska will be confirmed as a permissible training relocation site for the Aviation Training Relocation program.
  1. Facilities Improvement Program (FIP)
    Total amount of FIP funding over JFY 2022-2026 will be JPY 164.1 billion, subject to the completion of all necessary procedures for such budget request. The U.S. Department of Defense and Ministry of Defense of Japan will continue to coordinate closely for efficient and effective FIP implementation.
  2. Annual Expenditures for Host Nation Support
    The average annual expenditures for Host Nation Support over the new SMA period (JFY 2022-2026) will be approximately JPY 211.0 billion.

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