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Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo :
Return of the Japan Disaster Relief Infectious Diseases Response Team

September 6, 2019

1. In response to the request from the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the second batch of Japan Disaster Relief (JDR) Infectious Diseases Response Team was dispatched to DRC. The team commenced its activities against Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak on August 24, and expected to complete all the activities on September 6 and return to Japan on September 8.

2. In close cooperation with the Government of DRC and international organizations, the JDR team assisted local efforts in tackling EVD as continuation from the first batch and conducted assistances for strengthening EVD surveillance, the capacity of Point of Entry/Control (PoE/PoC), and laboratory diagnosis for EVD in Kinshasa, the capital and Kisangani, Tshopo Province.

3. Specifically, the team implemented following activities;

[in Kinshasa]

  • Trainings for quarantine officers at airports with focus on EVD surveillance, quarantine, safe and correct skills for laboratory diagnosis for EVD.

[in Kisangani]

  • Training for quarantine and medical and public health officers on putting on and removing personal protective equipment (PPE), usage of non-contact thermometer and hand hygiene in view of strengthening EVD surveillance, safe medical care and PoE/PoC.
  • Reinforcement of busy quarantine checkpoint at Madula along with provision of essential materials such as hand-washing instruments, tent, desk and chairs.

4. The Government of DRC has expressed its gratitude to the Government of Japan for the JDR team’s support.

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