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The Regional Promotion Seminar in fiscal year 2019

May 28, 2019

1. On June 4, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will host the Regional Promotion Seminar in fiscal year 2019 jointly with local governments of Chichibu City (Saitama Prefecture), Sakai City (Osaka Prefecture), Kyotango City (Kyoto Prefecture) and Tateyama Town (Toyama Prefecture) at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo.

2. This seminar will give local governments and other entities an opportunity to promote and appeal their policies and the attractiveness of their respective regions to the diplomatic corps accredited in Japan and foreign entities based in Japan, and it will be held as a part of the Ministry’s projects for supporting various international initiatives by local municipalities.

3. At the seminar, participating municipalities will give presentations about their industries, policies, tourist attractions, indigenous products, etc. of their respective regions. Additionally, following the presentations, there will be an opportunity for local governments and the diplomatic corps to exchange views and to freely interact with one another. It is expected to promote foreign diplomats’ understanding of each region of Japan and foster network between the local governments and the diplomatic corps.

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