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Study Tour to Tsubame-Sanjo area in Niigata Prefecture by the Diplomatic Corps in Japan

May 8, 2018

1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan will organize a Study Tour jointly with the Cities of Tsubame and Sanjo for the diplomatic corps stationed in Japan from May 15 to 16.

2. These Study Tours are held every year by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with local governments or bodies in order to showcase regional attractions such as history, culture, tourism, products and industries to diplomats posted in Japan.

3. During this Study Tour, the diplomatic corps will visit history, culture, tourism and industry-related facilities of Tsubame-Sanjo area, and it is expected that their understanding of the said area will be deepened through this Tour.

4. Expected participants : 19 diplomats (including their family members) from 13 countries and 1 delegation

Uganda, European Union, Kosovo, Colombia, Uruguay, Egypt, Honduras, Mali, Ghana, Costa Rica, France, Mexico, Slovakia, Chile

[Reference] Tentative Itinerary (Places of visit)
Kitaimogawa Rice Terraces, Rankeisou Inn, Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo, Suwada Open Factory, Japanese razor-making studio “Sanjo Seisakusyo”, Gyokusendo, Tsubame City Migakiya Ichibankan, Meijiya, Yamazaki Kinzoku Kogyo, Tsubame-Sanjo Regional Products Store

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