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Emergency Grant Aid for three countries in the Middle East affected by Syrian crisis

April 24, 2018

1. On April 24, the Government of Japan decided to extend Emergency Grant Aid of 14 million US dollars for the persons in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, who are living under severe humanitarian situation caused by the Syrian crisis.

2. This Emergency Grant Aid is to provide humanitarian assistance in the areas of health, sanitation, medical service, food and basic needs, through six international organizations including the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

3. With this assistance, results listed below are expected.

In areas affected by conflict such as Eastern Ghouta and other part of Syria, living conditions of approximately 50,000 Palestine refugees will be improved through the provision of educational service, food and non-food necessities, etc., and health programme for approximately 430,000 internally displaced persons will contribute to the improvement of their health condition.

In Syrian refugee camps, health condition of approximately 43,000 vulnerable children and women will be improved by implementing activities such as immunization. Furthermore, approximately 12,000 primary health care consultations for Syrian refugees in north-eastern area and medicines for approximately 1,150,000 Palestine refugees will be provided. In addition, environmental health condition of approximately 400,000 Palestine refugees will be improved by strengthening solid waste management.

Food assistance will be implemented for approximately 40,000 Syrian refugees and approximately 34,000 Palestine refugees living in Lebanon. Also the assistance will be targeted to approximately 3,000 hospitalization cases of Palestine refugees.

Syria (3.7 million USD), Jordan (4 million USD), Lebanon (6.3 million USD)

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