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The Third Round of Negotiations for a Social Security Agreement between Japan and the Kingdom of Sweden

October 20, 2017

1. The third round of negotiations for a social security agreement between Japan and the Kingdom of Sweden will start from October 23, 2017 in Stockholm.

2. This round will be attended on the Japanese side by Mr.Yuji Amamiya, Negotiator for Treaties, European Policy Division, European Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and officials from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. On the Swedish side, it will be attended by Ms. Malin SKÄRINGER, Senior Advisor, Social Insurance Division, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and officials of the Government of Sweden.

3. Employees sent from Japan to Sweden as well as those sent from Sweden to Japan are currently obliged to affiliate to the social security systems of both countries thus causing duplicable payments of social security contribution which impose a large economic burden on both individuals and corporations. It is expected that the conclusion of an agreement between Japan and Sweden on social security will solve such problem through reducing the burden imposed on the individuals and corporations, and further promote human and economic exchanges between the two countries.

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